All You Need to Know About: Upgrading to Windows 7

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I wouldn’t call myself a Windows fanboy
anymore than I would call myself a fanboy of the English language. I’ve never
really played with a Mac. The weird shortcuts, the strange navigation; it’s all
foreign to me. So, when I found out that Microsoft was slashing Windows 7
prices in half for the pre-order I instantly thought to promote such a great
deal. And so the following disclaimer is in order: for all Mac aficionados,
please don’t take this as choosing sides in this most epic of battles.

But a deal is a deal. $50 ($64 Canadian) to
upgrade an XP or Vista operating system. That’s a massive 70% off of the price tag come
October 22nd when Windows 7 hits retail. But before you get carried
away, here’s all you need to know:

What is it?

Upgrade from XP/Vista to Windows 7 for
70%-off the retail price. Available through various online retailers including
Amazon until July 11th/while supplies last.

Do You Qualify for the Upgrade?

First off, if you’re running Vista
Ultimate, there is no bargain here for you. Unfortunately Microsoft seems to be
penalizing their more dedicated users by forging the upgrade discount for
Ultimate versions (though you can still upgrade but it will require a clean

If you’re running XP, Vista Home Premium,
or Vista Business you qualify for the discount. For the latter the upgrade
takes the form of Windows 7 premium which is discounted to $99.

Laptops may provide a different set of
hurdles. Check out CNET’s list of applicable laptops.

Can Your System Run Windows 7?

System Requirements:

1GHz processor (32- or 64-bit)

1GB of main memory

16GB of available disk space

Support for DX9 graphics with 128MB of
memory (for the Aero interface)

A DVD-R/W drive*

Alternatively: Check out the Windows 7
Upgrade Advisor

*There are rumblings that Microsoft may
deploy a Windows 7 upgrade via USB thumb drive, but this is not set in stone.
Check out the link in Even More to Know below for an alternative

What about 32-bit/64-bit versions?

Both versions will be shipped in the same
package when the pre-orders are sent out October 22nd.

What if I buy a new computer between now
and October?

From June 26th until next
January all machines sold with Vista will come with a free Windows 7 upgrade.

Even More to Know:

  • One Windows 7 upgrade per OS (meaning you
    cannot upgrade multiple machines)
  • Interested in a Windows 7 upgrade on a USB
    drive? Check out this PC World guide